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Published Review – Portal 2 (PC)

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

“Portal 2” is a much larger game than the original, eschewing the latter’s densely packed rooms and corridors for sprawling, wide-open areas. Puzzle-solving is extremely satisfying, as the puzzles tend to be delightfully difficult and follow simple rules. Even when new mechanics, such as gels that coat walls and change how the player interacts with the environment, are introduced, the game ramps up the difficulty slowly by starting with simple tutorial puzzles and iterating on these concepts.


Review: Braid (PC)

Does the world need another 2D platformer?  Yes.

2009 04 17 - Braid PC Review Screenshot 2

When Braid was released last year on Xbox Live Arcade, the game was met with both critical and commercial success and propelled developer Jonathan Blow into celebrity status in the enthusiast press.  The game certainly deserves the attention it has received; Blow manages to inject originality into a stale genre nearly as old as the medium itself.

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A Brief Public Service Announcement

December 18, 2007 Leave a comment

If you own an iPod capable of playing games, you must go purchase Peggle from the iTunes iPod game store.  The game is 4.99 and is a great deal.  If you’ve missed out on Pegglemania,  now is the time to try it.  The PC version, Peggle Deluxe, is on sale on Steam for 9.95.

For those who do not know, Peggle is a puzzle  game in which you must shoot and bounce a limited number of balls into orange colored blocks in an attempt to make all the orange blocks disappear.  It may sound dumb or simple, but the addition of special powers to use adds to the strategy of getting the highest scores possible.

I have played through the PC version and enjoyed myself through the entire campaign and still fire it up from time to time.  Today,  the iPod version was released, and I have played the first few levels and it is a capable port.  There are minor bouts of slowdown, and the scroll wheel isn’t as accurate as the mouse.  However, this is the first portable version of Peggle I have seen, so it gets an automatic buy and recommendation from me.
Go buy it. PC or iPod, it is a fantastic game.

Impressions: Marble Blast Ultra (Xbox 360)

December 5, 2007 1 comment

One of the less noticed additions to the new Xbox 360 dashboard update yesterday is the new “Arcade Hits” section in Xbox Live Arcade. The section isn’t really anything special, it’s basically the “Platinum Hits” for XBLA games, where the games are offered for discounted prices. The initial batch of games are Zuma, Small Arms, Lumines Live!, and Marble Blast Ultra. Of those games, the only one I didn’t own was Marble Blast Ultra, so I went ahead and spent 400 points and proceeded to try the game out. Read more…