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Published Review – Portal 2 (PC)

April 21, 2011 Leave a comment

“Portal 2” is a much larger game than the original, eschewing the latter’s densely packed rooms and corridors for sprawling, wide-open areas. Puzzle-solving is extremely satisfying, as the puzzles tend to be delightfully difficult and follow simple rules. Even when new mechanics, such as gels that coat walls and change how the player interacts with the environment, are introduced, the game ramps up the difficulty slowly by starting with simple tutorial puzzles and iterating on these concepts.


Published Review – Mega Man 10 (XBLA)

Mega Man 10

“Mega Man 10” is a loving tribute to classic gaming. Gamers who grew up on the series will embrace the game’s retro difficulty, but players who lack that nostalgia will likely find only frustration or boredom. For most, the game will serve better as a history lesson – a glimpse into what video games used to be, faults and all.


Review – Borderlands (360)

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment


It’s hard not to enjoy Borderlands.

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How Rock Band has affected how I listen to music

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment
Rock Band 2

Rock Band 2

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I am a huge fan of Rock Band. I play it almost daily, but not as a social function like many who play the game; for me, it’s a solitary experience that I find both relaxing and stress relieving. I do some of my best thinking with a plastic fake guitar in my hands.

It was during one particularly long session of Rock Band late into the night that I came to a pretty shocking realization: not only have I not purposely listened to music outside of the various music rhythm video games for several months, I also hadn’t even realized this fact until that moment.

Rock Band and its ilk have completely changed how I purchase, consume, and think about music.

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Review: Braid (PC)

Does the world need another 2D platformer?  Yes.

2009 04 17 - Braid PC Review Screenshot 2

When Braid was released last year on Xbox Live Arcade, the game was met with both critical and commercial success and propelled developer Jonathan Blow into celebrity status in the enthusiast press.  The game certainly deserves the attention it has received; Blow manages to inject originality into a stale genre nearly as old as the medium itself.

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Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360)

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

I should make it clear that Star Ocean: The Last Hope is not entirely a bad game.   I enjoyed the game enough to play through the entire 30 hour adventure in a week, despite the glaring balance and design issues that plague the experience.  Unfortunately for Star Ocean fans, by no means is it a return to the series’ glory during the PlayStation’s reign. The Last Hope is ultimately flawed and forgettable, but manages to be a decent Japanese role playing game for those who want to stab some monsters.

Oh yeah, it takes place in space in the near future.  It has to be kind of interesting, right?

Mild spoilers after the jump.

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360 Price Cut Official… Be Careful!

September 4, 2008 Leave a comment

Further illustrating Microsoft’s inability to keep anything quiet, the long-rumored price cut for the Xbox 360 has been formally announced.  You can read the press release here on

  • Arcade – $199 (From $279)
  • Pro – $299 (From $349)
  • Elite – $399 (From $449)

The drops are larger than I would have expected from Microsoft.  The drop on the Arcade (which comes with five games and a memory card) makes it the cheapest current-generation system available right now.  No doubt that now the mythical $200 dollar barrier has been breached, sales are going to rise this holiday season.

The one problem with this price drop is the Pro.  There are currently two Pro system packs available-the current 60gb and the clearanced 20gb.  Even though most 20gb systems have been sold already for reduced price, there are still some floating around in the retail ether.  If you’re planning on buying a Pro system, make sure you get a 60gb.  The  boxes look pretty similar and may lead to more casual purchasers not realizing there is a system superior to the 20gb for the same money.  Microsoft should have dropped the 20gb to $250 to help retail empty its supply and limit customer confusion.