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Two Hour Review: Why I’ve Given Up on Far Cry 2

After a bit over two hours, Far Cry 2 may be my biggest disappointment of the year. I don’t say that lightly.

I was really looking forward to Far Cry 2.  I was hoping for a console experience that had similar open world gameplay that I grew to love in STALKER on the PC.  Unfortunately, Far Cry 2 feels like a bizare STALKER-clone distorted through a game of telephone.  On paper everything seems right and an improvement, but in execution the game manages to be tedious and annoying which distracts from the solid shooting mechanics.

One area where Far Cry 2 really tried to emphasize was action.  Many people didn’t care for STALKER because there were frequent bouts of downtime due to on-foot travelling and relative lack of enemies.  Far Cry 2 attempts to solve this by adding vehicles and more enemies, which just creates new problems.

Now instead of walking through a barren wasteland, you’re driving through a barren wasteland to and from quest objectives that are incredibly spread out.  One of the first missions took me from the center of the map (the starting zone) to a police station on the western edge of the map.  This tedious drive is made even worse by the number of enemy ambushes you encounter on the roads.  What should be an excessive ten minute drive became a frustrating and obnoxious twenty-five minute adventure as I was constantly being beseiged on all sides without warning by swarms of enemies.  Your vehicles are easily incapacitated by gunfire, which result in slowly hoofing it down the road either until you happen across an abandoned vehicle or attacked by enemies in vehicles.

Then, after accomplishing your mission, you have to drive back and do this all over again.

No thanks.

  1. Tim
    November 2, 2008 at 7:53 PM

    Wow, looks like someone doesn’t like a challenging game ;-P

    I’ve got that, Fallout3 and Fable2 waiting for me when my stupid TV gets fixed.

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