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Why Arkadian Warriors’ Online Play Is Broken

In my impressions posted a few days ago, I wasn’t very positive about Arkadian Warriors, the newly released Xbox Live Arcade Guantlet/Diablo/Untold Legends clone. I have continued to play it, and have almost completed the game. Today I had the opportunity to play some of the game online, and I really wonder what they were thinking in regards to the way the online portion plays.

There are many reasons to choose to play a game over Xbox Live over local play. Possibly the biggest reason is that both you and the person you are playing with get their own screen without resorting to split screen play. Each person can go into the menus at their leisure or change the camera to fit the specific circumstances they are in. You do not get this in Arkadian Warriors.

The biggest problem is that you share a screen with the person you are playing with over Live. This means that when player one opens up the R-Trigger menu to change weapons or skills, half of player two’s screen is blocked. Additionally, both players share the same camera controls. The result? Fighting over screen space and camera angles rather than killing monsters.

One good thing about the online play is that you can use your single player characters online. Unfortunately, this will make your character weaker if you decide to play solo. The game does not scale the number of enemies in multiplayer, which means you get less XP, fewer items, and very little money. I am not sure how XP is split between players, but I do know that money is not distributed and goes to whomever picks up the cash.

I am disappointed with the online play of this title. I was really expecting the multiplayer to be something that made the game worth a second look and added some replayablity, but it failed to do so.

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