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Impressions: Arkadian Warriors (Xbox 360)

I have to admit I have an odd fondness for mindless old-school experience-grinding loot-grabbing hack-and-slash games, regardless of quality. When I heard about Arkadian Warriors being released this week for the Xbox Live Arcade, I was excited. The 360 is rather sparse with this particular genre, so the $10 price made this game an automatic buy for me.

I have only played the game for a few hours, but while I have enjoyed it so far, the game has enough issues that I have a difficult time recommending it to most people.

The main problem with this game is it lacks substance. There are only three very generic classes to choose from: the warrior, the archer, and the sorceress. Each class can equip weapons and armor that are bought from shops in town or found on fallen foes. Unfortunately, there is no character customization outside of this. There are neither skill points to allocate nor skill trees to climb. The classes simply gain skills at certain levels. Each class has it’s own “alter ego” power which causes the character to change into a large, mythical creature and stomp swarming enemies. However, all three alter egos have the exact same attack, in which the animal pounds the ground causing a shockwave to deal massive damage.

Gameplay takes place in either a town or in randomly generated dungeons. In the town you can visit shops, heal yourself, pick up a new quest, or redo any finished quest. There is no overworld to explore in this game. Instead, when you accept a quest, the portal appears behind you that takes you to the necessary randomly generated dungeon where you kill hundreds of enemies and collect gold and items and do the same things that have been done a million times previously. Don’t go in expecting innovation, or even refinement. This is a simple bare bones experience consisting of hitting the A button over and over.

The dungeons work well, but all the different styles of dungeons look the same. There’s brown dungeon, gray dungeon, greenish-blue dungeon, and maybe more later on. The graphics in general are surprisingly competent, and look as one would expect a higher resolution Dreamcast or PSP game to look. Controls are floaty at first, but the inclusion of L trigger lock on helps make combat less frustrating for archers and sorceresses.

Arkadian Warriors is what it is. Not great, not special, not unique. However, it is fun and offers Co-op through Xbox Live. If you need a traditional dungeon crawl game, you don’t have much of a choice.

  • Developer: Wanako Studios
  • Publisher: Sierra Online
  • Release Date: 12/12/07
  • Price: 800 Microsoft Points ($10)
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