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Xbox 360 Fall 2007 Dashboard Update

I just downloaded the new dashboard for the 360, and have had some time to play around with it. This is by no means indepth, just a few things I have noticed.

So far, the best thing about the update is how fast everything is now. The user interface seems about twice as fast. When you hit the guide button, the guide shows up almost immediately. Friends also seem to load faster than before, and the Friends of Friends feature is just as snappy as everything else. There are new Biography sections of gamer profiles now, which allow you to put your location or real name if you want to. This should make it easier to tell if you know who that random friend request is from.

The new marketplace is nice. Just reorganized, but there is now a “Free Stuff” category under Spotlight. Unfortunately, it does not show ALL the free stuff on Xbox Live, which is disappointing. Right now there isn’t much there other than some movie promotional items, so I hope they add more to the section. Download speeds for the marketplace are supposed to be faster, but I haven’t noticed yet.

One of the bigger features in this update is Xbox Originals. I probably won’t buy any for now, but the selection is good so far, and Microsoft has said they hope to add games to it regularly. Out of the games available, I know everyone will be buying Halo 1, so that’s a given. But I also hope people buy Psychonauts and, a personal favorite of mine, Indigo Prophecy. I wouldn’t recommend buying Fable, as it seems to be the original version, and not the expanded edition as the gamerpics imply.

Inside Xbox is a feature that will probably get ignored once the novelty wears off. Basically it’s a channel that allows you to stream videos from Microsoft and watch them on your 360. They are planning to do weekly features with community figures such as Major Nelson and Trixie. The picture quality is decent, and the videos themselves load quickly but I’m not sure that the quality will be present to keep people’s interest in the feature.

I don’t have any xvid/divx files to test, but many people are excited about the feature. There’s also a family timer, which is good for parents.

I’m very happy with this update so far. While the new features are nice, the best part of the update is the fact that everything in regards to the UI is much faster. And while it’s unfortunate that there isn’t any clan support or larger friend lists, it really seems that Microsoft is trying to improve the 360 past our expectations.

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