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Impressions: Hour of Victory (360)

After 2 hours of playing, I think it is safe to say that this game is terrible.

First, some good points. The music is very good. The orchestral music is so far excellent and seems to mesh well with the game. The voice acting is alright, but not spectacular in any way. Probably the best thing about the game is the concept. An FPS that could incorporate three different characters each with their own different play styles and branching paths in the levels is a fantastic idea that could extend the replayability of the single player mode.

Unfortunately, the game simply fails most egregiously in execution. The worst thing is the fact the controls feel, for lack of a better word, muddy. The looking and movement controls simply aren’t responsive, which makes simple and necessary things such as aiming difficult and frustrating. The tri-character system ends up being pretty much worthless since it doesn’t add anything to the levels. If your character has to use his special ability to continue through the map, then you can bet that there are similar areas very near by that will all take you to the same place, most likely the exit of the extremely short levels. And, of course, there is a forced stealth mission in the first hour of the game. The mission is eas, but not because the stealth mechanics work in the game, but because the enemy AI borders on vegetative most of the time. Oh, and the graphics are poor.

While playing the game, I feel like the developers were aiming to reach the “generic and mediocre” stage, but failed to do so. There was obviously effort put into the game, which probably makes the game feel worse than it really is. But, the achievements are easy and plentiful, so I will probably keep playing. Once.

  • Developer: Nfusion
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Release Date: 06/25/07
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