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Just Completed Phoenix Wright 3

Wow. I just finished a marathon session of Phoenix Wright 3. I enjoyed the series much more than I ever expected to. The games are tremendously well written. I can’t count how many times I actually laughed out loud while playing. I really cannot recommed the series enough.
Spoilers below:

Capcom has said that Trials and Tribulations is the last Phoenix Wright game. A new Ace Attorney game, Apollo Justice, comes out early in 2008, and I really hope I’ll like it as much as I have enjoyed Phoenix Wright.

A few things I hope to see in Apollo Justice:

  1. Good Characters — I very quickly grew fond of characters in the Phoenix Wright series. Each character was likable and unique, for the most part. Some characters were overused, such as Larry Butz or Wendy Oldbag, but by the end of the series I truly cared about most of the characters. I hope I can make similar emotional connections with new characters in Apollo Justice.
  2. DS Functionality — The last case of the first Phoenix Wright game was made specifically for the Nintendo DS, and used features such as full motion video and the ability to rotate clues in 3D. This was the only time any of these features were used in the series. The reason is because all of the Phoenix Wright games are very simple GBA ports from Japan with little more than touching menu buttons added. Since Apollo Justice is made from scratch for the DS, I expect more features of the DS will be used.
  3. Great Storylines — The storylines in the Phoenix Wright games were almost uniformly incredible. They always twisted and turned and kept you on your toes and almost always unable to guess what really happened. I hope it continues.
  4. Something New — As much as I love Phoenix Wright, the gameplay is minimal at best. While I neither expect nor want anything too drastic to happen to Apollo Justice, I want some kind of gameplay feature that causes me to be surprised. I’m worried that without innovation of the base concepts of the series, the game could grow stale.
  5. Difficulty Equalization — Some parts of the Phoenix Wright games were incredibly easy. Some parts were difficult to the point of being unfun without the luxury of a guide. A consistent difficulty level throughout the game would help a lot, though I know it is a difficult task to balance a game like this that relies on logic and observation.
  6. Replayability — I don’t know if I will ever play through the Phoenix Wright games again. But I want to. Adding some kind of simple branching path system for dialogue to make each time you play through slightly different would help. Or maybe some kind of autopilot mode after completing the game to allow you to only follow the storyline and not do the gameplay would be an extra I could enjoy.

Overall, the Phoenix Wright games are amazing. Go buy them now.

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